Create and Launch Online Surveys
online surveys

Feedback is essential to any business process or system. Surveys are a way in which a company or organization can get feedback from customers or employees. Surveys let you know the actual need of your customers and employees; they also help you to know the facts and a source of collecting Primary data.

MintStat specializes in online surveys and can launch any kind of survey within very short duration for your intended audience. You just need to provide us the survey purpose and email ids of your customers or employees.

Some of the categories for online survey are

Human Resource
Customer Satisfaction

MintStat will keep you updated with status of each survey and will present the survey statistics at the end of survey closure.

Gather Secondary data
secondary data

Secondary data is any information that has been collected or researched recently.

Sources of secondary data include the internet, libraries, museums, company reports, newspaper etc.

The data collected is useful as it allows the researcher to see the prevailing thoughts about his/her area of study.

Analyze data and Patterns
data patterns

MintStat can analyze the data for you and will try to come up with meaningful Patterns

Sources of data can be data collected from Surveys Or the existing raw data of your organization such as log files

MintStat will apply proven statistical techniques with the help of tools such as SPSS

Improvement Strategies
data patterns

MintStat will also provide practical improvement strategies based on analysis of data and patterns